“Empowering Our Community: 20/20 Our Vision Is Clear”

Pathway Center offers a positive environment where youth, adults and families can take part in programs, events and workshops in a cohesive effort to foster skills and competence for job readiness and family life enrichment.

Our programs also promote the value of education, a strong work ethic and integrity.   We offer an open computer lab with internet access as well as a business center.

Partnering with sponsors, businesses and collaborative resources, Pathway is impassioned with the challenge to better our community and empower residents to overcome social and economic barriers.


Pathway 2001-2015 Successes

2001-2015 Pathway provided computer and Internet access for over 12,000 disadvantaged users to help bridge the digital ‘divide’.

2002 Pathway played an instrumental role in providing services, resources and financial assistance to over 300 families displaced by the 2002 tornadoes.

2001-2009 Pathway enrolled over 900 youth in structured and safe summer programs.

2003-2015 Pathway provided employment training for over 300 residents.  Pathway is an Equal Opportunity Employer (EOE) and our organization is committed to providing programs and services to diverse and multi-cultural individuals.

​2004 Pathway received “Best Community Service Program” from the Apartment Association of Indiana, Inc. (1 out of 175 community centers in 5 states)

2005 Pathway’s data reflected a 30% increase in the employment rate of Amber Wood’s residents.

​2005-2015 Pathway developed its signature youth employment training program – Training Youth for Success.

2007 Pathway received “Best Community Service Program” from the Apartment Association of Indiana, Inc. (1 out of 300 community centers in 5 states).

2008-2009 Pathway receives national recognition and awarded a HUD Certified Center classification for its resident and community services program.

2009 Pathway receives funding from Lilly Endowment, Inc. to complete Phase 1 of a 3 Phase renovation and building project.

2010 Pathway unveils its newly renovated building to the community.  Pathway partnered with over 100 business, community and faith-based organizations for collaborative projects and programming to date.  Mayor Gregory Ballard recommended and approved Pathway to receive funding in the amount of $39,000 for the 2010 Community Crime Prevention Grant.

2010-2011 Pathway provides affordable housing to 150 families.


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