Ways to Volunteer

We appreciate your interest in Pathway and we welcome any level of volunteering you can do.  We are currently looking for volunteers to help with the following:

Our upbeat, structured programs such as Training Youth for Success is an employment training program for youth ages 14-17. This program targets at-risk youth who have never been employed or under employed. It provides valuable employable skills and employment training that will assist youth in obtaining gainful employment and job retention when they enter the workforce.

Training tools include resume writing, interviewing, business dress/etiquette, socialization skills, financial literacy, critical thinking and problem solving skills, time/resource allocation and business basics. The Training Youth for Success Program teaches young adults the skills necessary to enter into the workforce as competitors in today’s job market.

Our free summer lunch is a fun and nutritious meal program for children ages 18 and under. During the summer months, children can gather at one of the hundreds of various locations around Marion County during the weekdays and experience a nutritious meal in a supervised atmosphere that is convenient for them. The kids convene in Pathway’s Multi-Purpose Room to receive a free meal.



Programs such as Workforce Development Employment Training connects individuals with employment opportunities.

Through this development and training, these individuals become competent and proficient with job readiness, writing resumes and employment applications, preparation and organization skills, the interviewing process, professional dress/etiquette and much more.

These positive training workshops help unemployed adults gain confidence, encouragement and necessary skills to enter the workforce as a learned professional with strong work ethic, discipline and leadership skills.

These programs also improve literacy and strengthen family relationships helping individuals and families become more responsible.


Here are ways you could get involved:

  • Teach a workshop, tutor a student or help out at one of our many events.
  • Work in our office answering phones, taking messages and making copies for the business center.
  • Provide snacks, keepsakes or certificates to recognize the youth following training and development.




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